Avunu 2 Theatrical Trailer

Avunu 2 is a sequential of Avunu telugu horror and suspense thriller movie which release in the year 2012.the movie Directed by Ravi Babu who always made Different plotlines and his name mostly known  for the films like ‘Anasuya’ and ‘Avunu.the movie produced by D.Ramanaidu under suresh production and flying frogs banner.Avunu 2 sound track and score composed by Sekhar Chandra.

Movie name:Avunu 2
Cast : Poorna, Harshavardhan Rane, Nikitha
Director : Ravi Babu
Music director:Sekhar Chandra
Movie Banner:Suresh Productions,Flying Frogs banner
release date:December 2014.

 Avunu 2 Theatrical Trailer:


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